Kimberly was having that dream again.

It was the same, every time. At first she’d felt guilty and confused upon waking, but she’d soon grown used to them. Now, she actually looked forward to them. She’d begun to realize that she always woke up feeling wonderfully refreshed and relaxed. People were starting to notice her improved mood, but she just smiled and shrugged when they brought it up. It was her little secret.

By now, she knew what to expect. It was so common that she became aware that she was dreaming as soon as it began. She was walking through a dark forest; the air was warm and still around her, and there was nothing but the sound of her own footfalls in her ears. At first.

Soon, she became aware that she was not alone. She felt a familiar tingle deep inside, in the pit of her stomach. Traveling lower.

She reached a mossy glade, and stopped. She closed her eyes and inhaled the scent. The moon was shining bright and clear, and her excitement was growing. She could feel the tender flesh between her legs swelling and growing hotter, in anticipation of what was to come.

The first few times, she’d experienced it almost as if she were floating above herself, watching it all happen to someone else. But now, she’d started feeling it like it was real. Every touch, every movement, every shudder of pure bliss. She’d wake up still clenching and shaking, covered in a sheen of sweat, praying she hadn’t moaned loud enough to wake her family.

Kimberley opened her eyes.

She took one long breath through her nose, and suddenly the air was thick with their scent.

It was almost impossible to describe the smell, earthy and musky and purely masculine. It was instantly recognizable to her, making her nostrils flare and her pussy tingle. She smiled, biting her lower lip. She wanted to touch herself, but she knew they’d be touching her soon enough.

And just like that, she heard a low, rumbling chuckle behind her.

She tensed, feeling a large hand rest on her shoulder.

“Aaron?” she said, softly.

“No,” came an answer. “Over here.”

She looked up, and saw him standing there, just a few feet away. Smiling.

“Christian,” she breathed.

The hand, which was now sliding down to her hip, tightened around her.

“You’ll learn the difference eventually,” said Christian.

“We’ll teach you,” Aaron agreed, coming towards her with a wicked smile on his face. He was wearing lace-up breeches like a guy from a costume drama on TV, but all she could focus on was the bulge growing underneath the criss-crossed laces. Of course he was shirtless, his chest dusted with dark hair like always. Kimberly blinked slowly, allowing herself a moment to appreciate her imagination’s attention to detail and continuity. Christian and Aaron always looked the same, down to every little intimate detail.

Not quite the same as each other, though. They were twins, and at first glance it was like seeing double - but by now, Kimberly knew the difference. Aaron had a little scar that ran down the side of his hip, disappearing below the waistband of his breeches. And Christian had that spot on his head where his hair grew in a different direction, an ever-so-slight little cowlick where his brother’s hair behaved perfectly well.

Kimberly smiled at Aaron as he came up close, stopping within inches of her and tilting his head down, his lips so close she could almost taste them.

“I was hoping you’d come tonight,” she confessed.

Aaron closed the gap between them, pressing his body up against hers and sliding his tongue into her waiting mouth. He tasted hot and sweet, his body taut with desire as his stiffening cock throbbed and twitched against her stomach. Even through the layers of his breeches and her long, flowing dress, she could feel its heat.

Behind her, Christian drew closer as well, pressing his hardening dick into the cleft of her ass. She took long, slow breaths, reveling in the attention of the two men. As much as she liked them in this form, the transformation was about to take place - and she’d grown to anticipate that even more.

The moon passed behind a cloud, momentarily darkening the clearing. When it came back, the change started.

It had frightened her at first, and it was still fearsome to watch, but she now quivered in anticipation rather than dread. It started with Aaron’s hands, growing longer and even larger. Growing fur. Growing claws. She felt the sharp points digging into her skin, not enough to draw blood, but enough to leave little red marks and she’d be able to see the next day…if this weren’t all just a dream.

She shook her head. Now was not the time to think about that.

Kimberley threw her head back, giving Aaron ample room to nuzzle forward and sniff at her neck, the way he always did when he was newly transformed. It was like he needed to remind himself that she was still the same person. She needed no such reassurances; despite the gray fur and wolf-like muzzle, she recognized his face. His eyes were yellow but their shape hadn’t changed. And he still looked at her like she was the best thing he’d ever seen.

With a low growl, Christian grasped her dress in his claws and ripped it apart like it was made of tissue paper. He tossed the shreds aside, leaving Kimberly completely naked. Aaron crouched down on the mossy ground, and Kimberly widened her stance a little, knowing exactly what he wanted. The sweet, musky smell of her arousal filled the air, and Aaron let out a low rumble of approval. He leaned forward, sniffing her so closely that his exhales tickled her sensitive flesh. She squirmed. Behind her, Christian had crouched down so that his swollen cock was poking at her slick entrance, silently begging to slip inside. She angled her hips just right, giving him the only permission he needed. And just as Christian filled her up, Aaron leaned in even closer and licked her with his big, flat tongue.

She let out a moan that was ripped from deep inside, her eyes rolling back in her head and her inner muscles clenching around Christian’s cock while Aaron’s tongue worked its magic. It was a complete overload of sensations, coursing through her veins and leaving her breathless and shaking. She came quickly, her knees buckling, but Christian’s hands around her waist held her upright. Aaron stood upon his hind legs, drawing himself up to his full, fearsome werewolf height.

As a man, he was tall - but as a wolf, he was massive, so tall that she could have easily leaned down and licked the glistening red tip of his cock, if he’d wanted her to. Instead, he grasped it in his furry hand, stroking it long and slow in front of her.

She watched, enraptured, as one twin gave her a show while the other fucked her from behind, each thrust so forceful it almost lifted her off the ground. The head of Aaron’s cock was leaking, his shaft growing slippery with tiny dribbles of come. Down at the base, Kimberly could see a unique swelling begin to form, even as she felt the same thing happening to Christian’s dick inside her. Finally, his movements stilled, and he buried himself deep inside of her with a feral howl.

Aaron snarled, his breathing heavy and uneven, and Kimberly watched the sticky ropes of his jizz shoot out, hitting her on the stomach and coating her milky skin in the moonlight. She moaned, her toes digging into the dirt. The swelling of Christian’s cock inside her was almost more than she could take. It grew larger and larger, stretching her more and more. She felt impossibly full. As Aaron started to catch his breath, his absurdly swollen shaft bobbing between his haunches, Kimberley panted and groaned at the incredible feeling inside of her. The knot was growing still larger. Bigger, she could have sworn, than ever before.

This time her climax was long and slow, creeping up from her toes and settling in the base of her spine. She clenched and shuddered. Her moans were long and loud, but here in her forest, there was no one to hear.

And with that, Kimberly woke up.

“That’ll be four ninety-seven with tax.” Kimberly pasted on a smile.

“Here you go, sugar. Keep the change.” Red leered at her, shoving a wrinkled, sweaty five-dollar bill into her hand. She bit back a sigh, smoothing it out and laying it in her cash drawer. She took three pennies out and dropped them in the jar for the animal shelter.

Red watched her, his forehead suddenly crinkling. “You rolling your eyes at me, Kim?” he demanded, his tone suddenly threatening. Kimberly’s breath caught in her throat. Obviously, she hadn’t done as good of a job at hiding her contempt as she thought.

“Of course not, sir,” she said, forcing her voice to be steady. “Why would I do that?”

He planted his hands on the counter, leaning forward until she could smell his foul, beer-tinged breath. “Listen, sugar,” he said. “You always been a nice-looking little girl, but lately you been walkin’ around with your nose in the air. You think you’re too good for this town? You were born here like everybody else.”

“I know that, sir,” said Kimberly, her fists clenched at her sides. Her eyes darted around the store. It was completely empty - just her and Red and nobody else.

“What are you lookin’ at, girl?” Red looked over his shoulder, scanning the tiny aisles behind him. “You scared? You got no reason to be scared.” He lifted a water bottle to his mouth, half-filled with noxious brown liquid, and spat another long stream into it.

“Of course not,” said Kimberly, feeling bile rise in her throat. The owner had guilted her into taking the late shift, and she was deeply regretting it now. This time of night, the convenience store could go for hours and hours without anyone walking in.

“Somebody ought to teach you proper respect for your elders.” Red’s mouth twisted into a humorless smile. “I don’t wanna have to see your daddy tomorrow and tell him you been sassy with me.”

He was close - so close she didn’t even have a chance to reach for the old revolver under the counter. He’d see her movement right away. It would only make things worse.

“What the hell’s wrong with you, girl?” Red snapped. “Why don’t you try smiling? You’re so much prettier when you smile.”

Ding. Ding.

The bell on the door. It was the sweetest sound she’d ever heard.

She took a deep breath, meeting Red’s eyes with a steady gaze.

“Is there anything else I can get for you, Red?”

His smile twisted into a grimace as he turned, looking at the customers who’d just walked in. Kimberly wasn’t taking her eyes off him, but she could tell out of the corner of her eye that there were at least two men in the store with them now.

And then, the scent hit her.

Her heart stopped beating for a moment, and then started again at an alarming rate. She swallowed thickly, trying to see over Red’s shoulder to confirm what she already knew.

The men had their backs to her, but that didn’t matter. There was no doubt in her mind as to who they were, as improbable - as insane - as it seemed.

“You have a good night, now,” Red muttered, backing away from the counter and hurrying out the door, averting his eyes from the two men. She’d never seen him look so cowed. The pair wasn’t even looking at him, but it didn’t matter.

Christian turned around. She knew it was him, because of the cowlick.

“Am I dreaming?” she asked, numbly. Every detail of his face, down to the angle of his jaw and the plumpness of his lips, was intimately familiar.

“Not tonight,” said Aaron. He was smiling too. “We were starting to think we’d never find you.”

She swallowed thickly. “I’m sorry?”

“Those dreams you’ve been having,” said Christian, drawing closer, leaning on the counter just like Red had. But this time, she wasn’t shivering from fear. “They’re not exactly…just regular old run-of-the-mill dreams.”

“Well, I could have told you that.” Kimberly managed a smile. She must be dreaming. She must. Somehow she’d finished her shift and gone home and fallen asleep without remembering it, and her brain had managed to smooth it all over into a single event, melding the events in her dreams with reality.

That had to be it. Because the alternative was just too bizarre to comprehend.

“Well,” said Christian, “what I mean is, there’s more to them than meets the eye.”

“Okay,” said Kimberly. “I’ll take your word for it.”

Aaron was fiddling with something by the door. She looked over in his direction, and realized that he was throwing the deadbolt and flipping the “OPEN” sign over to “CLOSED.”

“No,” she heard herself say. In spite of how sure she was that this was all a dream, she still wasn’t going to take the risk of losing this job she so desperately needed. “I can’t close up early. I’ll get in trouble.”

“You absolutely will not,” said Aaron, turning around and blocking her access to the lock with his body. “Nobody’s going to find out.”

Her eyes darted from one to the other of them, and even though she knew she ought to be afraid, she wasn’t. As a girl, she had always loved those stories and fairytales about the one person who was chosen, destined for something, and she’d always tried to imagine how it would feel. Now, she didn’t need to imagine anymore. Everything in her life so far had been leading up to this moment. She was born to meet these men, to…

What, exactly?

“We’ve been tracking you for months and months,” said Christian, slowly straightening up and walking towards her, his hand shoved deep in his pockets. “You’ve probably noticed the dreams got more frequent as time went on. More…lurid. That’s what happens when we get closer.”

“This is crazy.” That was as close as Kimberly could possibly get to verbalizing the insanity swirling inside her head.

“You know our scent, don’t you?” Aaron asked, smirking, still leaning back against the door. “It’s the same with us. Except we can smell you from much, much farther. We were a thousand miles away when we first got a whiff. We’ve been tracking you ever since. The problem is, the closer you get, the stronger the scent. We had you narrowed down to this fifty mile radius, but we were starting to give up hope of ever actually finding you. Then we found ourselves in need of a late night snack, and here…” He stepped forward, pulling his hands out from behind his back and cracking his knuckles. “You…” He grinned. “…Are.”

“Here I am,” she agreed, feeling distinctly lightheaded.

“I don’t know if I’m hungry for snack food anymore,” said Christian. “What about you, Aaron?”

“Nah.” Aaron reached out and touched the side of Kimberly’s face, ever-so-lightly, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “I can’t think about food when this little vixen’s right in front of me.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

The two men were caging her in, backing her up against the drink cooler. Her eyes kept darting to the door. It might be locked, but anyone who pulled into the parking lot would have a perfect view of everything that was going on inside the store.

“I can see she’s not going to be able to relax as long as we’re on display,” said Aaron. “Come on, let’s find ourselves some privacy.”

“Bathroom’s too small,” said Christian. He was headed towards the milk room door. “What’s this?”

“Got to be the big cooler,” said Aaron. “Should be plenty of room back there.”

Christian tugged on the handle, the muscles in his arm rippling. “It’s locked,” he said, looking at Kimberly.

She swallowed with an effort, shaking her head.

“Oh, come on now,” said Aaron. “Just tell me where the key is.”

She stayed frozen in place.

“Don’t fight it,” said Christian, smiling at her knowingly. “I can smell how bad you want us, little vixen.”

Trembling, Kimberly reached down the neckline of her shirt and pulled out the chain where she kept the important keys. Her hands were shaking too much to do anything more, but Aaron stepped forward, reaching around behind her neck and undoing the catch. “The big brass one?” he asked, and she nodded, her eyes tightly shut.

“Good girl.” Aaron unlocked the door and Christian pulled it open, each of them laying a hand on the small of her back and guiding her forward. Inside, it was chilly, but not quite chilly enough to cool down the heat in her blood. Aaron shut the door behind them, and then they were both on top of her, pressing her between their taut, muscular bodies.

Kimberly sighed, finally letting herself relax a little. There was no use fighting it, even if she wanted to. She’d wake up soon enough, a little disoriented, but sated.

“You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for this,” Christian murmured in her ear. She could feel his cock growing harder and thicker between the cheeks of her ass. “I just wish we could have you tonight, the way we want.”

“But the time’s not right,” Aaron put in, the back of his hand sliding down her stomach until it reached the barrier of her jeans. “Tomorrow night, it’s the full moon. That’s when the ritual takes place.”

“The ritual,” Kimberly repeated, faintly.

“You know the one,” said Christian. “You’ve dreamed it plenty of times.”

“I don’t see how that’s a ritual,” she managed to whimper as Aaron undid the button on her waistband and slid the zipper down.

“Oh, it’s a very important ritual,” Aaron said, his fingers reaching the top of her sensitive mound. “Once a month, we get a chance to…perpetuate the pack’s genetics, if you will.”

“To breed,” Christian clarified, grunting softly as he tilted his hips, rubbing his stiff cock against her. “Much as we’d love to do it tonight, it would just be a waste.”

“Breed?” Kimberly froze again, her heart beating in her throat. “I don’t think…what do you mean, breed?”

“He means exactly what you think he means,” said Aaron, his fingers dipping between her swollen folds. Much to her humiliation, she was dripping wet already, throbbing and over-sensitized to the lightest of touches. She moaned as he slid them further down, brushing against her clit.

“This is where you belong,” said Christian.

Coming on a little strong, she wanted to say, laughing at her own ridiculous imagination - because that was all this was - but all she could do was pitch forward against Aaron with a little sob. He’d found just the right spot to touch her, sending ripples of pleasure through her whole body. All three of their breaths were coming out and hanging in white clouds above their heads.

“With us,” said Aaron. “Both of us.”

“I can’t,” Kimberly gasped. “I can’t…”

“You can,” said Christian. “And you will.”

Kimberly squeezed her eyes shut, on the verge of losing herself in the sensation of Aaron’s fingers on her swollen flesh. Her dreams had never been this unnerving…or this felt this real.

But no. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t.

“Come meet us tomorrow night,” said Christian, his hands snaking up her torso to grab and squeeze her breasts through her loose peasant blouse. Her nipples, already stiffened into peaks from the cold, grew even harder under his fingers. “In the woods.”

“You’ll know the place,” Aaron rumbled. “When the time comes.”

Her body seized up to him, a hot gush of fluid spurting out of her and coating his fingers. She screamed, collapsing against him as her body jerked and shuddered in pure ecstasy.

They pulled away from her at almost the exact same time, leaving her weak and shaking on unsteady legs. Their eyes were burning with an identical passion, and the outlines of their long, stiff cocks were clearly visible through their well-worn black jeans.

“It’s up to you, vixen,” said Aaron, his voice rough as he adjusted his belt buckle, like he thought that could somehow hide his straining erection. “But I know we’ll see you there.”

Kimberly spent the rest of her shift in a haze, and when she finally got home and stripped out of her work clothes to shower, she kept on telling herself the only sane thing: it was a dream. It was a vivid, waking fantasy, but no more real than what she experienced late at night when she was in her own bed. It made sense that the dreams would still come to her, even when she was forcing herself to stay awake at the store. They were awfully…tenacious. Maybe it was some kind of half-waking fantasy, or maybe she really had just fallen asleep at the counter for just long enough. Try as she might, though, she couldn’t remember a moment when she felt she had “woken up.” But it didn’t matter. Obviously, the encounter with the twins couldn’t have really happened.

Despite her best efforts, Kimberly slept through most of the day, only waking up in time for supper. She dragged herself down to the table and ate with her father and sisters, listening to Laura and Jenny prattle on about their boyfriends and the other guys who were always after them. Try as she might, Kimberly had never been able to drum up most interest in the local boys. That was why she was still a virgin, and now that she’d graduated it seemed there were fewer and fewer opportunities to meet anyone. She certainly wasn’t going to end up with someone like Red.

“How was work last night, honey?” her dad wanted to know.

“Fine, I guess.” She shrugged, poking at her instant mashed potatoes.

“You know I don’t like you working so late,” he said, more to himself than to her, it seemed. “All alone out there.”

“Hardly anybody comes by.”

“Exactly,” her dad said. “You know, I can always talk to the foreman down at the site and have him take you on as a secretary, or something. I’m sure he’d find a spot for you.”

Kimberly made a face, but she kept looking down at her plate to hide it. Red was one of her dad’s co-workers. She’d rather work the graveyard at the convenience store for the rest of her life, than be harassed by him every day. “Thanks, dad, but no thanks. I don’t much like answering phones.”

“Hardly get any calls,” he said.

“Well, I’m no good at paperwork either.”

Laura took that opportunity to jump in with some disparaging comment about her boyfriend, which mercifully ended that line of conversation. Kimberly was running out of gracious ways to tell her father “no, thank you.” She knew that she wasn’t exactly on a path to success and financial freedom with her current job, but if she took a position from her dad’s boss “as a favor” she’d feel even more trapped in this town than she already did. Without a college degree or any career training she knew she wasn’t going anywhere fast - but she still liked to imagine that her options were somewhat open. If she ever managed to scrape enough pennies together for a bus ticket.

Unsurprisingly, as the night waned on, she found herself wide awake. Long after her father and sisters had gone to bed, she was curled up in the big chair with a book. She finished it shortly before the old grandfather clock chimed eleven.

Suddenly, the clouds broke, letting the full moon shine down into the window. It lit up the whole room.

Come meet us tomorrow night.

Kimberly shivered, drawing her knees up to her chest and hugging them tightly. She knew it was just a dream. It had to be. But she could remember the feeling of Aaron’s fingers creeping down her stomach just as if it had really happened.

The night was so warm and inviting. She got up and pushed open the front door, stepping out onto the porch lightly so the boards wouldn’t creak. Hours ago, she’d changed into her nightgown in anticipation of actually going to bed at some point, but at this point it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen.

Maybe just a short walk. Something to clear her head.

She told herself that she wasn’t heading towards the woods on purpose, but before long, she’d passed through the line of trees and was making her way through a well-worn path. She’d walked it many times as a girl, but now that she was older she seldom found the time for exploring. The moon was cutting through the leaves just enough to light her way safely, and despite the mysterious noises and shadows, she wasn’t afraid.

You’ll know the place…when the time comes.

She was not, of course, going to meet them. That would be ridiculous.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Yet she was walking with such purpose, like she knew exactly where she was going, and why. Her conscious mind kept insisting she was just out on an aimless walk through the woods, but some other part of her brain had another idea entirely. She felt like a puppet on a string…but the only thing pulling her forward was her own desire.

She couldn’t even fully admit it to herself until she reached the clearing - the clearing, the one from her dream. She was sure of it. And this time, she knew that she was awake.

You only dreamed about it because you’ve been here before. You remembered it from a long time ago. That’s why it’s the same one.

Her rational mind was fighting a good fight, but it was losing.

A light, warm breeze picked up, and she closed her eyes, just as the moon was breaking out from the clouds over the glade. She swore she could feel the light on her skin. She took in a long, deep breath…and waited…

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, she opened her eyes again.

The sick feeling of disappointment in the pit of her stomach was completely ridiculous. She knew it was ridiculous. But that didn’t make it any less painful. She cast her eyes down on the ground, seeing the depressions in the grass that indicated the deer slept here sometimes.

Why had she come here? Did she really think that any of her sick little fantasies could be real? Had she really allowed herself to believe, even with just part of her mind, even for a minute, that she could be anyone’s chosen mate? Let alone some kind of supernatural creature that could have its pick of women?

Tears started to gather in Kimberly’s eyes. She was angry. Angry at her father, at her mother for leaving - at her sisters, for seeming to understand men so effortlessly - and most of all, at herself. For allowing herself to be stuck in this ridiculous rut. For still acting like a child. For allowing herself these flights of fancy, knowing they’d only end in disappointment.

She sat down heavily on the forest floor, letting the tears spill out, running down her cheeks and landing all over her nightgown, all over the grass. She sobbed as much as she wanted to, for every time she’d wanted to cry but hadn’t been able to, because she had to be strong for her father, for her younger sisters. She cried and cried until she had nothing left.

Then, as she sniffled, a familiar smell hit her nose.

No, no. It couldn’t be.

But it was.

In one moment she was aware of Aaron standing at the edge of the clearing. In another, he was kneeling in front of her, just inches away. He reached out and touched her cheek, wiping away a tear.

“Why are you crying, vixen?” he asked, so softly that she almost wanted to cry all over again.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” she said, realizing to her utter humiliation that it was true.

“Of course we came,” said Christian, from behind her. He came around and knelt down next to his brother. “We wouldn’t miss this.”

“Not for the world,” Aaron agreed. He extended his hand, and she grasped it, letting him pull her to her feet. He looked down on her so fondly that she could almost have believed all those dreams were real.

“After tonight, you’ll belong to us,” said Christian. “Forever and always.”

Goosebumps were rising all over her skin, but somehow the thought didn’t bother her as much as it ought to have. After all the time and energy she’d spent taking are of other people, it would be awfully nice to belong to someone else.

Well, two someones.

“We’ll always take care of you,” Aaron added, smiling at her. “We’ll protect you, at any cost.”

“You’ll be our mate for the rest of our lives,” said Christian. “Starting tonight.”

“Well,” said Aaron. “Really, you always have been. But you didn’t know until now.”

Another breeze picked up, rustling the hem of Kimberly’s nightgown and tickling her already-sensitive skin. She felt a strange comfort. Just…giving in…felt so, so good.

“You’re so beautiful,” whispered Christian, his fingers resting on her shoulders.

“So beautiful,” Aaron echoed, leaning down to kiss her. She parted her lips instantly, and when his tongue slid into her mouth, she felt something like an electric shock arc through her body. A tingling settled between her legs.

When he broke off, panting, she looked up and saw the moon shining down brighter than ever. The change would be coming soon.

“I’ve never done this,” she said, which instantly struck her as an absurd thing to say. What was “this,” exactly? A threesome? With werewolves? She meant sex in general, and in an instant she could see that they understood.

“I know,” said Aaron.

Christian drew close to her, until she could feel his breaths on the back of her neck. “You were waiting for us,” he said.

Her sudden desire almost frightened her with its intensity. She wanted them both, now, forever, constantly, in every possible way and in several impossible ones. With a fluid movement, Aaron spun her around so that she was facing Christian, and started undoing the ribbons on the back of her nightgown. She wanted to tell him that it just pulled off over her head, but she couldn’t find her voice. And then, Christian kissed her.

He was more forceful than Aaron, kissing her so thoroughly and holding onto her so tightly that she forgot how to breathe for a moment. When he finally let her go, Aaron was pulling her nightgown down her body, sliding down just past her shoulders, her arms, and he was kneeling down and kissing his way along her spine as it went. When it finally pooled on the ground, he pressed one hot kiss on the back of her knee, and then stood up again.

Christian was looking up at the sky. “Soon,” he said.

Kimberly shivered, even though the air was very warm.

Both men were undressing, stepping out of their jeans and tossing them aside. Their stiff cocks bobbed against their stomachs. Kimberly’s entire body was throbbing in time with her heartbeat.

Another breeze picked up, bringing a covering of clouds that briefly obscured the moon. When it shone down again, the change had started.

If she hadn’t seen it a hundred times in her dreams, she would have been terrified. But she was now used to watching the change, the way their features became so different, yet were still so recognizable to her.

As they transformed, growing taller, their shoulders much broader, she realized that in her dreams they’d never spoken in this form. She didn’t know if they could talk, or even understand her. They’d only ever communicated in grunts and growls.

“How are you going to decide which one you gets to…breed me?” she asked, as they stood there panting in their new forms.

Christian jerked his head in Aaron’s direction, who smiled with his eyes.

“Won the coin toss,” he said, his voice a little gruffer, but still the same voice that she knew.

She let herself laugh.

“Next month, my brother has his turn,” Aaron said, looming over her down at his impressive werewolf height. “And after that, me again. And so on, and so on, until you’re pregnant with our litter.”

“It doesn’t matter which one of us does the deed,” Christian clarified, his furry hand stroking up and down his thick, red cock. “Either way, our bloodline lives on.”

“But it’ll be me,” Aaron growled, playfully. His brother nipped at him halfheartedly, but they weren’t really angry with each other. Clearly, they’d come to an understanding already.

“Just relax, vixen,” said Christian, crouching down in front of her so that his face was level with her aching cunt. “Do you want me to pleasure you?”

“Yes,” she managed to whisper, and a moment later, his tongue was lapping at her like she was the best thing he’d ever tasted. She moaned, leaning forward with her hands on his huge furry shoulders.

“Come on,” said Aaron, sounding irritated. “Let me have a taste.”

Christian gave her one more long lick before pulling away. “I’m better at it,” he grumbled, but he let his brother horn in.

“Bullshit,” said Aaron. “We’ll let her be the judge of that.”

“Ohhh…” Kimberly was trying to formulate an answer, but the pleasure was already climbing to unthinkable heights inside of her, and she had no coherent thought or speech left. “You’re both…ohhh…perfect,” she managed to say at last. It wasn’t a lie. Both of them were using just the right amount of firmness and pressure, a slow, consistent rhythm that was exactly what she needed. Her climax was just seconds away.

“Look at her,” said Christian in mock disgust. “She’s in such a state she can’t even tell the difference.”

At exactly the right moment, Aaron quickened his pace, and her inner muscles clenched under his tongue. A huge gush of wetness spurted out of her. She let out a long, shaky moan as the pleasure took over, leaving her lightheaded and tingling all over.

“There,” said Aaron, standing up to his full height again. “Now she’s ready.”

“Please,” Kimberly heard herself beg.

“What’s that, little vixen?” Christian sounded very amused.

“Please,” she said again. She had no idea she could want something so badly, especially just after she’d come. “Please, please fuck me.”

“Of course, dear heart.” Aaron made a gesture with his huge, furry, muscular arm. “Get on your hands and knees, please.”

Well, naturally, they would mate like that. She wasn’t sure what she had been expecting.

Kimberly got down as he’d asked, positioning herself on the soft ground with her knees spread far apart. She knew that her pussy and ass were on full display to the two werewolves, but she didn’t feel ashamed in the slightest.

“Look at her,” said Christian. “She’s glistening.”

“That’s my handiwork,” said Aaron, as he lowered himself over her, his huge hairy bulk enveloping her all over. She felt the huge, blunt tip of his cock nudging at her cunt, already wide open and needy from his ministrations. “You ready, little vixen?”

She nodded furiously.

In a moment, Aaron was inside her, his huge shaft stretching her wide open. She let out a little scream as it ripped through her inner barrier, but the pain quickly dissipated. Aaron’s breathing was heavy and uneven. She could tell, even without being able to see him, how much she’d managed to bewitch the wolf.

And she hadn’t even been trying.

“I might not be able to breed you this time,” said Christian, crawling around to face her. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t pleasure me the way we pleasured you.”

Kimberly opened her mouth obediently, and in a moment Christian was kneeling in front of her face, sliding his cock between her lips. She suckled the tip; it was all she could fit in her mouth. But Christian didn’t seem to mind, groaning and flexing his haunches. She licked and licked, tasting his salty essence as it leaked out of the twitching hole on his cockhead. She had such a perfect view of him like this. His balls were fully and heavy, hanging just below the thick red shaft, with its growing bulb at the base. She reached out and grasped it firmly, feeling it grow larger under her hands as she stroked it. Inside her, the base of Aaron’s dick was also growing, preparing for the breeding. Getting ready to fill her up. The idea sent a shudder of pleasure and anticipation through her.

She kept on stroking Christian’s leaking cock with both hands, sucking on the tip and letting it muffle the sounds that wanted to escape her throat with every one of Aaron’s thrusts. He was growing faster, more brutal, jostling her whole body. Even if she’d wanted to let go of Christian and hold onto the grass beneath her, she couldn’t have kept herself still. Her petite frame was no match for Aaron’s muscular bulk.

Christian growled something that sounded like it was meant to be a warning, but she ignored it. She stroked him faster, letting her tongue bathe the head of his cock until she felt it swell a little. The knot at the base of his shaft also grew under her hands, and much faster, just before his cock surged, and he threw his head back, howling. Her mouth was quickly filled with spurt after spurt of hot, salty come. Some excess dribbled out, but she swallowed as much a she was able.

Behind her, Aaron was quickening his pace. She was still swallowing the last of his brother’s jizz by the time he stilled inside of her, his knot growing and growing impossibly large and thick. She cried out, sure that she wouldn’t be able to withstand it, even if her dream-self could. His cock was jerking inside of her, filling her up - she was thoroughly defiled now at both ends, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“No,” she heard herself whimpering, but she knew there was no turning back now. Aaron was only growing thicker inside her.

“Shh,” Aaron was saying, trying to soothe her. “It’s all right. You’re going to be okay.”

She wanted to believe him.

She realized slowly that her body was adjusting, and the throbbing of her inner muscles was no longer just pain. Just like in her dream, the sensation of his swelling knot inside of her was turning into exquisite, unnamable pleasure.

“Oh God,” she whispered, pitching forward and clutching at the grass. Her whole body was shaking. She felt sure that she was about to fly apart at the seams, in the best possible way.

As Aaron’s knot reached its apex inside of her, she felt herself begin to clench and and release, rhythmically, pleasure spiraling up her body until every nerve in her body felt like it was in rapture. She groaned incoherently, spasming, until she was numb.

They all collapsed in a tangle of limbs, covered in a sheen of sweat. It took a few moments for her to realize that at some point, both men had turned back into their human forms. She managed to roll over and catch a glimpse of Aaron, who was smiling, sleepy and sated.

“Okay there, little vixen?” he whispered.

She just nodded, not yet having found her voice.

Kimberly couldn’t wait for the next full moon.