Growing up privileged did not guarantee I would not have two left feet when it came to dancing. I managed to go through school avoiding all of the dances; until now, that is. The sorority I’m in is having a formal dance in two months and I will be required to dance with the fraternity boys across campus. Boys actually scare me. I didn’t date much in high school and when I did it was a quick date with hand-holding at the most. I think I’ve kissed three guys and those were quick goodbye pecks. My clumsiness and my shyness didn’t help matters much. Going to an exclusive private school put me in the same class with other privileged kids. My family’s wealth did not make me popular, so I was just another face in the crowd.

Now the invitation sits on my desk, staring up at me like a guillotine above my head. The thought of dropping out of the sorority sounds good right about now, but I’ve invested money and time into this and I can’t back out. I decide to visit my mother and mom’s boyfriend for advice.

“Let me get this straight, you need to go to a formal dance and you are expected to participate?” Alex, my mom’s boyfriend says. He leans forward in his chair, his dark blue eyes looking at me. He’s a handsome man with a full beard as well as salt-and-pepper hair that was once a solid dark brown. Now it stays combed back in waves. Alex got together with my mother four years ago, and is a man of great wealth in the oilfield industry.

They got together after dating of a month. My mother had a habit of not being on her own. She and my father divorced when I was ten and she married a man she was seeing just a week later. That marriage lasted two years. She met and married a man within six weeks after that and he turned out to be a dud; the marriage ended within two months. My mother then briefly went back to her second husband, but they didn’t remarry.

She met Alex while dating husband number two. Within a month, she and Alex had went on a cruise ship getaway together.

I felt as if I had whiplash from watching her go from man to man since divorcing my father. Honestly, I figured she and Alex would have been through by now, but she’s stuck with him longer. Perhaps it is his exuberant bank account and the lifestyle he gives her that keeps her around.

My mother’s phone goes off and she smiles and excuses herself from our dance catastrophe talk. “She still working all the time?” I ask, looking after her.

“Yeah,” Alex says while averting his eyes with a smirk. I decide not to ask. My mother has done this before. She immerses herself in her work as a real estate agent and has a full social life, claiming she needs it for her work, but it’s a social life that takes her away from her husband. I have always thought Alex was too good for her, but he has stuck around like he truly cares.

“I tell you what little lady, how about you and I go out and I teach you how to dance?” Alex asks me. I smile; little lady is the nickname he gave me when we first met.

“He’s really a good dancer, Fiona,” mother says as she steps back into the room. “I think you two should set the dates.”

Alex looks at his wife. “You trying to get rid of me?” he asks.

“No, but I’ve got the real estate convention coming up and I’ll be busy with that. Fiona needs help, so help her,” mother says, giving me a wink.

“Okay, what do you say?” Alex says while looking at me.

“Okay, I guess so. I have two left feet, though. You may want to boost your insurance, ‘cause I’ll be pouncing on your toes,” I say and they laugh.

The dance lessons start with Alex taking me to a penthouse club that features ballroom music and dancing with a live grand piano and band. My mother took me out for new dresses, all semi-formal and not the kind I’m accustomed to wearing.

On our first date, I appear wearing a yellow clingy number that is split half way up my thigh on one side. The sequined top reveals more of my body that I care to show. I am pulling at the side slit and my strappy sandals are a bit higher than I can handle gracefully. I twist my foot while walking out into the living room. My mother snaps a photo of us, Alex looking handsome, dressed in a designer suit and tie and me looking like a nervous date in an uncomfortable outfit.

“You are beautiful,” my mother says, beaming a smile at us. “Now go and have fun. I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon, so I trust you can dress yourself for your other lessons?”

I nod. ‘Thanks, Mom,’ I say and Alex and I exit the house.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful, Fiona,” Alex says as he starts the Jag. His cologne reaches my nose, the scent intoxicating. It brings out feelings from deep within that I know should remain hidden.

“Thank you,” I say as I subconsciously tug at my top, trying to hide my cleavage.

“I think you don’t realize what you are,” Alex says. “You have a lot to offer some lucky man.”

“Hmph; not something I’m considering right now. I’ve never even been out on a real date before,” I say while looking out the window at the city skyline quickly approaching.

“Mm, well, this is a real date little lady. So I’m going to train you and you will be the belle of the ball in two months,” Alex says.

We eat a light dinner, enjoying the view and the cool night air filtering in through the open doors. After the meal, Alex mentions that he needs to help me loosen up in order to dance so we take a stroll to the rooftop patio. The site of the city below is gorgeous and the music sways my soul. I feel surreal being here with Alex and he leads me to the dance floor for the first time. My hands are sweaty and my legs jittery.

At first, it is awkward. I fumble as I dance and Alex is ever-patient as he directs my moves. I learn simple, basic steps on my first night and even then I work up a nervous sweat. We leave and make another date.

The second lesson I wear a royal blue sequined dress with a wispy, flared skirt; it’s perfect for dancing, my mother says. Again, the neckline is a bit low, revealing more than I want, but I must wear these dresses so I will feel comfortable dancing at the ball.

We go to a different dance club, one that plays faster music this time. We are spinning on the dance floor and I’m clumsy as usual. Alex stops and looks at me.

“Fiona dear, your problem is in how you carry yourself. You seem to lack confidence in your assets,” Alex says.

“Assets?” I ask with a chuckle.

“Yes dear, you need to strut your stuff,” Alex says.

“I don’t have stuff to strut,” I say, looking at my feet.

Alex pats my upper back hard enough that I jut out my chest. “Yes, this, and this,” he says and places his hands on my hips and sways with me, wiggling my pelvis from side to side. “Strut your stuff. Walk around like you own it. You have it, flaunt it.”

I laugh. “I guess I don’t see that,” I say. I have never thought of myself as a pretty girl or that I have anything to strut. If anything, I walk into a room and I just want to blend in and not be noticed.

“If you’re going to be a good dancer, you have to start by shaking your assets. Give it a try,” Alex says while standing back.

I turn pink to my feet as I stand there. He nods to me to do it. I shimmy my shoulders and shake my hips to the beat of the fast music.

Alex grins big. “Yes, that’s it. You’re doing it. Now keep that same attitude and put it into your feet as you glide across the dance floor,” he says and we take off dancing. “Let your hair down, let it go.”

Although I’m hesitant at first, I soon loosen up enough to enjoy the process. Within a few more of our dance dates I’m entering the living room with a strut in my step.

Alex nods while looking me up and down from my head to my toes. This time I’m wearing a red dress with a deep plunging V-neckline, lined with sequins. The skirt flutters to mid calf, but the slits creep up to mid thigh. It’s a perfect dress for salsa dancing. I no longer twist my feet in my high-heeled straps and I walk with attitude, just as my mom’s boyfriend instructed. He whistles.

“Sexy,” he says and whistles again. I smile seductively at him, raising my eyebrow. What the hell am I doing? I am flirting with my mom’s boyfriend. I’m feeling it, like it’s in my blood now. I’m sexy and I know it. Alex looks at me like I’m a delicious plate set before him and he’s ravenous.

I step up and take his awaiting hand and upon touching it feel something electric pass through us. My eyes flash to his and my heart does a pitter-patter. The past several nights I’ve dreamed of him in inappropriate ways. The gentleness he showers me as we’re dancing makes me realize the kind of man I want in my life. While he’s my mother’s husband, I desire a man just like him. My mother is away at her convention, so Alex and I have been going out every night to dance.

“You’re turning into quite the dancer,” Alex says over our supper of grilled steaks. The flame of the candle flickers as the cool breeze filters in through the patio. The night air is charged with couples who are dancing, moving, wanting to touch each other.

Alex stands and holds out his hand for me to take. I stand up, grasping his hand, and he leads me to the patio doors. Our waiter walks up to gather the dirty dinner dishes. “You and your lady make a nice looking couple,” he says.

I blush to my toes as the waiter thinks we are together. Alex just smiles and thanks the man for the compliment. We head out to the patio where the tinkling of the piano filters through the air and he gathers me effortlessly into his arms.

“That man thinks…” I start to say.

“I know,” Alex says, interrupting me. He twirls me and then back to his arms, and then back, chest to chest. “We do, don’t you think?”

I smile. The night air is filling my senses with things it shouldn’t. The shyness melts away in Alex’s arms. I feel like a real woman, like someone of value, someone who has stuff to strut. He’s gentle and kind and a great teacher. My mom’s boyfriend looks into my eyes, our faces mere inches apart. His breath warms my forehead as the piano plays a romantic piece. My heart’s beating so hard within my chest I fear he can feel it.

He leans in and I wonder if he’s going to kiss me. I want him to kiss me. I want to kiss him, badly. My senses take over and I turn my head to Alex’s shoulder as we slow dance. I can hear his breath in my ear, his breathing steady and sure. Goose flesh flashes down my neck. I so badly want to turn my head and meet his lips like I’ve never wanted anything in the world before. I’ve stepped into a river that’s flowing fast and I am losing control over what’s right and wrong.

I finally lift my head as another slow song starts. Alex’s eyes twinkle in the lights, looking down at me with a wanting I’ve seen before, only now it’s pronounced. I can feel his heart beating; feel his breath on my face. We sway to the music and I’m dizzy. The room spins and I close my eyes. My mom’s boyfriend’s lips brush mine, ever so softly, and something dives deep within my abdomen, a fire that sparks, a desire hidden forever awakening for the first time. It’s wrong! However, I don’t try to stop it.

I open my eyes and gaze into his, my heart pounding. My body abandons me as I bring my hand to his face, caressing his cheek along his beard and around his neck. I tilt my head and open my mouth as he draws to me, our lips meeting, this time the passion is sparked. Alex’s tongue explores my mouth and I reciprocate. His hands move up and down my partially-bare back, leaving a trail of gooseflesh.

We are barely swaying and kissing and I don’t hold back; not any longer. The air is intoxicating with love, several couples swaying and kissing. The time we’ve spent together over the past couple of weeks has bonded us. We both want the other, there’s no denying it. I nibble at his earlobe, eliciting a low moan as my mom’s boyfriend hugs me close.

“Let’s leave,” he whispers into my ear. I look at him questioningly. “We can go someplace private.”

I nod and smile while hand-in-hand we exit the club. We practically run to the elevator and go down without saying a word; there are three others with us on the ride down. Our hands stay clasped and we look like lovers already. We exit the building and walk to the high rise hotel tower next door. I wait in the plush lobby while Alex pays for a room. The bellhop asks about our bags and Alex just waves him on. “We’re fine,” he says. The man just smiles, nods and moves on.

Still holding hands, we enter the elevator and move up to the tenth floor and to our room. My mind is on what I want to do and that is to be with Alex. I have abandoned all reason. The man has trained me to be an excellent dancer and now he’s about to train me to be a lover.

Once in the room, Alex takes me into his arms again and we melt together in a passionate kiss. I begin to have a bout of conscience and stop, my heart pounding.

“Alex, I’m still a virgin,” I admit.

“I know,” he says and leans in to kiss my neck. All my inhibitions leave except for the tiny bit of fear of sex for the first time. “I know how to treat a lady. You’re in good hands.”

I wrap my arms around his neck as we kiss and he picks me up. I wrap my legs about his waist as he carries me to the soft bed and gently lays me down. His hand slides up my thigh and I quiver, having never before been touched like this. My mom’s boyfriend smiles and whispers, “Relax.” I nod, feeling apprehensive.

“Here, I will help you to relax, but we need to be out of our clothing, okay?” Alex says. He proceeds to remove his suit jacket, shirt and trousers. I just watch, wide-eyed and unable to move, frozen on the bed. He pulls out of his boxes and stands naked in front of me. His body looks good for a man twenty years older than me. He’s hairy, his chest full of hair and a patch of wild pubs surrounding the hard pole that’s pointing right at me. I stare at it, being the first time I’ve ever come face to face with an erect penis.

“You want to touch it?” Alex asks as he crawls back up on the bed. I nod and reach out to grasp it. It feels soft to the touch yet its rock-solid. He groans slightly as I run my fingers over it. “I won’t bite you.” My mom’s boyfriend brings his lips to mine and kisses me while his hand pulls up on my dress. I willingly pull it over my head and shimmy out of my matching lacy red panties and bra.

Alex smiles as he gazes over my body. “You’re perfect. Pert breasts; they are lovely. A nice shapely body that leaves a man filled with desire,” he says as he closes in to kiss me and this time I feel his naked body against mine. I’m still tense, scared of what’s happening.

“Relax, here I will help. Just relax and let me please you,” Alex says as he kisses my chest and then briefly suckles each nipple. A fire roars to life within my midsection and I want to feel him between my legs, I want to feel my mom’s boyfriend’s cock sink deep into my virgin pussy. He kisses down my belly, leaving his large hands on my breasts, massaging the mounds and tweaking my nipples. I moan as hot pleasure builds between my legs.

He nestles at my crotch, shouldering my legs apart, which I reluctantly spread. His mouth touches my muff and I jump, the sensation both shocking and pleasing at the same time.

“Ohhh,” I say as I relax, allowing my legs to open wider. Alex moves in and nuzzles my hard clit with his nose as his tongue runs up my moistening slit.

“Mmmm, you taste good and sweet,” he says.

I feel every bit of tension release as he pulls my clit into his mouth and sucks it while maintaining his gentle tugging on my nipples. I have never experienced pleasure of this magnitude before. A white-hot fire begins to burn in my pussy and I grind my pelvis into Alex’s face. He hangs in there and the wild sensation explodes deep within me.

‘Uhhh…OHHH…I’m coming!” I say as I arch my back and nothing else in the world matters except for the extreme pleasure I’m now feeling with each thrust of my pelvis. The orgasm lasts only moments, but it clouds my reasoning and nothing else matters. I yell out, “Please fuck me, Alex!”

I shove my mom’s boyfriend away when the orgasm subsides. He smiles and nods. “Good and relaxed?”

“You call that relaxed?” I ask while laughing. “Now it’s your turn.”

“Okay, since this is your first time I want you to come stand at the foot of the bed and bend over, face-down,” Alex says, backing up, his hard cock dripping with precum.

I give him a terrorized look. “I don’t want anal sex,” I say, not moving.

“No, dear; I wouldn’t do that to you. But entering from behind is less obtrusive than in the front. So come on down,” he says. I obey and bend over the foot of the bed. His hands grasp my hips and I thrust my butt to him. I feel his hard cock rubbing at the closed entrance to my pussy, my cherry still intact. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

My mom’s boyfriend’s cock begins to slide into my tight pussy, and he groans as it slides further in. “Ouch,” I say, feeling the searing pain that comes from busting through where no man has ever gone before. True to his word, Alex gently slides in and out for a few moments. I close my eyes and grip the covers, rocking back and forth from the force.

“Uhhh,” he moans as he picks up the pace, sliding faster and faster in and out of me. “Finger yourself; you can have a second orgasm with me.”

I reach down and slide my fingers over my swollen clit. “Ohhh,” I say, the pleasure building again.

“Hurry doll, I’m about to come,” Alex says as he pumps faster. My fingers work in frenetically and I arch my back as the pleasure blooms again. Just as Alex starts to thrust faster, I yell into the covers.

“Uhhh, I’m coming again,” I say as I grind my ass against my mom’s boyfriend.

“Uhhh, ohhhh, motherfucking fuck,” Alex groans as he slaps his pelvis in a fast rhythm against my ass, his cock shooting all he has deep into my bruised pussy. When he’s finally finished, my mom’s boyfriend pulls out and we both lay on the bed and spoon.

We fall asleep and awaken hours later. Without any prompting, we step into the shower together and he washes my body while I wash his. Before we leave, we end up on the bed again, this time I am on bottom with him on top. Even though it has been just a few hours since I lost my virginity, my pussy has recovered some, and I get to have another orgasm. Each time it gets better and better.

When I go to the ball a month later I’m the star on the dance floor. When asked where I learned how to dance, I just smile and tell people I have the best teacher in the world.