Cherry Popping Co-Ed

I had been nervously waiting to meet my first college roommate all summer, and I’d built up high hopes that we would become instant BFFs. Hopes that were only exceeded by my dread. Secretly, I was sure I’d end up with a witch from hell who would make my life miserable as I tried to adjust to life as a new adult.

Brianna ended up being something different altogether.

She was already unpacking when I arrived. My parents had wanted to help me get settled, but I’d insisted on starting my freshman year completely independent and had hugged them goodbye in the parking lot. In retrospect, I should have traded a few more minutes of independence for help hauling all my stuff up three flights of stairs.

By the time I found my room and stumbled through the door, I was sweaty and disheveled and had a sore shin from the lamp that kept banging against it as I juggled an armful of awkwardly sized items. I could barely see around the boxes in my arms and gratefully dumped the whole load just inside the door as I stopped to catch my breath.

Brianna had been making her bed – the one closest to the window – and spun around to see what had caused all the commotion. I wanted to groan. She was definitely out of my friendship league. She looked like she’d been that girl in high school; cheerleader, prom queen, popular without trying. She was about 5’2’, blonde and bubbly, and wearing shorts so short that the curve of her perfect ass peeked out.

I could only imagine what she thought when she saw me standing there. I’m completely average on my best day, and with my blah brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and an old high school track t-shirt falling off one shoulder, this was not my best day.

Her mouth opened in a small ‘O’ which was quickly followed by a bright smile and an offer to help me get settled in. Could she be any nicer? Even after we’d finally hauled all my stuff up all those stairs (four more trips to the parking lot and back!) she still looked picture perfect. I just couldn’t imagine anything ruffling this girl’s feathers.

‘Why don’t you take a shower, Madison,’ she’d offered once my boxes were all stacked on my side of the room. ‘You look like you could use some refreshing after all that hard work.’

Of course, Brianna hadn’t even broken a sweat, but she was being so nice I couldn’t justify feeling snarky about it.

‘I might as well unpack first,’ I answered as I flopped back on the bed. I didn’t want to move. ‘I have no idea which box my clothes are in, or my towels, or my shampoo…’

Brianna just laughed. ‘You can use mine, silly! We’ll get you settled in no time.’

When I stepped out of the shower, she’d left a neatly folded thong, tank top, and shorts on the counter. No bra. She may have been smaller than me, but her body was so perfect that naturally being smaller didn’t extend to her tits. She’d obviously noticed that nothing she had would work for my perky barely B cups.

I didn’t know how I felt about wearing another girl’s thong, but I slipped it on anyway since everything I had been wearing was sweaty and gross. Brianna was quite a bit shorter than me, which made the tank top bare my midriff and the shorts look… positively indecent. When I walked out of the bathroom her eyes widened.

‘Turn around, Madison,’ she said with a twirl of her finger in the air.

Blushing, I did a slow spin. I didn’t normally wear revealing clothes, and even though she was just another girl, I felt a little racy with so much of me on display. Of course, at that point I had no idea how much of me she would eventually see.

‘You look hot,’ she finally said with a little lick of her lips. ‘I hadn’t realized how fit you are.’

Running track had done that. I would have traded my slender frame for some decent tits and ass in a heartbeat, but I have to admit that I definitely felt sexier in her clothes than I ever had in my own baggy t-shirts and boring jeans.

‘Totally hot,’ came a deep voice from behind me.

We’d left the dorm room door open, and I spun around and caught my breath. Brianna was already bouncing toward the ridiculously good-looking guy leaning against the door. He kept his eyes roaming up and down my body as she launched into his arms and started kissing his face.

He winked at me, then turned his attention to the curvy little bundle in his arms. He was tall, and she had jumped up and literally wrapped her legs around his waist. His hands went under her ass and he slipped his fingers inside the hem of her shorts while he held her. I thought I saw them brush between her legs a few times, which made me uncomfortably hot.

They were totally making out as if I wasn’t even there. I could see Brianna grinding herself against him, and after a minute realized I was just standing there staring like a freak. And it was totally making me horny.

I finally forced myself to turn away, even though it didn’t do much good. Our dorm room was basically just one big bedroom plus a bathroom. They were blocking the doorway to the outer hall and showed no signs of stopping, so I ducked into the bathroom and tried to calm my raging hormones down.

As soon as I shut the door, I heard Brianna giggle. The door didn’t block any sounds, and I could still hear everything they were doing. Giving in to temptation, I bent down to peek through the keyhole. I told myself I just wanted to know when they were finished, but when I saw the guy’s hands roaming more freely over Brianna’s ass, I felt my pussy tighten as I got her thong all wet.

I had never been with a guy, which definitely isn’t really normal for an 18-year-old girl. I’d been kissed a couple of times during high school, but both times it had been awkward and hadn’t gone any further. Of course that doesn’t mean I hadn’t thought about it, and I’d become pretty adept at making myself come quietly in the bedroom I shared with my younger sister back home.

Obviously Brianna was a little bit more experienced than I was. Now that I was out of the room, they were practically dry humping, and I could see him whispering something in her ear that kept her giggling as she rubbed herself against him.

Finally, I saw her glance toward the bathroom and then give him a quick nod. He set her down and closed the hall door behind him. As he leaned back against it, she dropped to her knees and pulled his gym shorts down.

Oh my God! I’d never seen an actual penis, and this one burst out and literally bounced when she freed it. It was thick, and hard, and the tip was sort of shiny. I realized that I was panting, and after double-checking that the bathroom door was locked, I quickly pushed down my borrowed shorts and started fingering myself while I watched them.

By the time I looked back through the keyhole, Brianna was bobbing her head in front of him while he ran his hands through her hair. His head was thrown back against the door, and even though I could tell they were trying to stay quiet I could still hear everything. Her mouth was making a wet, sucking sound as she worked on him, and just hearing it made me squirm against my fingers even harder.

‘Fuck, baby, yeah,’ the guy whispered to her. ‘Take it deeper, Brianna. I gotta come before your girl comes out.’

Her head moved faster, and he gave a low groan and started thrusting his hips toward her face as she sucked on him. I had never even watched porn, and had no idea that seeing other people get busy would be such a crazy turn-on. The faster Brianna’s head moved, the faster my fingers moved. I had one hand grinding against my clit and the other finger fucking myself as I watched.

When the guy finally came, he grabbed the back of Brianna’s head and ground it into his crotch. Her hands were on his hips, but she snuck one down between her legs as she swallowed his cum. Somehow that sent me over the edge, and I soaked my hand as an orgasm jolted through me. I actually fell back onto my ass, and it was only after the waves of bliss had receded that I realized I had cried out when I came. So much for all that practice at coming quietly.


If I could hear their quiet whispers from in here, there was no way they hadn’t heard me. My face instantly got hot and I strained to hear anything from the other side of the door. It was totally quiet. Scrambling to pull up my shorts, I ran the water in the sink and scrubbed my hands to remove the scent of my pussy.

I still didn’t hear anything, and after a long minute I finally gathered the courage to bend down and peek through the keyhole again. The dorm door was still closed, and I couldn’t see Brianna or the boy anywhere. They must have left. I cautiously opened the door and stepped back into the empty room. Oh, shit. Not empty.

They both grabbed on to me from where they had been standing on either side of the bathroom and threw me onto my still unmade bed. They were laughing, which was definitely better than being pissed, but I was still so mortified I couldn’t even talk.

‘You were spying on me and Cody!’ Brianna said gleefully as she held me down on the bed by straddling my stomach. ‘I didn’t know you were such a freaky bad girl, Madison.’

She had me pinned and was sort of tickling my sides, which I totally used to do with my sisters, but there was something hot in her eyes that definitely made this different. Her hands kept touching the sides of my boobs, and she was kind of grinding her crotch against me the way that she had when she jumped up on the hot guy. Cody.

And – oh my God – she was so close I could actually smell her pussy. It smelled a lot like mine did when I got totally turned on, but it also smelled like her… unique enough that I knew I wasn’t just smelling myself.

I was so shocked that I just sort of lay there, and it wasn’t until I felt Cody’s hot hands started sliding up my legs that I even remembered he was there. As soon as he touched me I went from frozen to frantic. I started bucking against her and trying to push her away, all the while blindly thrashing my legs against Cody’s hands.

Brianna moaned a little as my movement excited her and grabbed my hands tightly. She leaned over me, pinning my wrists above my head. Even though she was small, she was strong. The new position caused her to flatten herself out on top of me. Her pussy ground into mine and we both moaned a little at the sudden friction.

‘Niiiiicccceeee,’ I heard Cody say. ‘I’m always up for some girl on girl.’

I had gone still again when Brianna stretched out on top of me, and as soon as I stopped squirming, his hands were instantly back on my legs. He was sliding them up my inner thighs, and it was so naughty and wrong that I wanted to start kicking again, but I couldn’t. His touch was sending tingling bolts of electricity straight into my pussy. Without meaning to, I spread my legs a little wider as I stared up into Brianna’s dilated pupils.

‘Y-you heard me in the bathroom?’ I finally asked inanely.

Brianna shot me a wicked smile. She started deliberately grinding her little mound against me and leaned down to nip at my neck.

‘It seems like everyone but me has already gotten off,’ she whispered, her voice vibrating erotically against my sensitive skin. ‘That doesn’t really seem fair, now does it?’

She felt so good against me that I couldn’t think. I’d gone from never having anyone so much as touch me between my legs to wantonly thrusting against this girl I’d just met – girl! – while her boyfriend watched. And touched.

‘Brianna, slow down baby,’ he said from behind her. ‘Let’s have some fun.’

He took his hands off my legs and picked her up off of me. Brianna pouted, and I lay there gasping as my pussy screamed in protest. It needed attention. My nipples were poking through the thin tank top and my shorts were visibly wet. I had never been so turned on. I was so horny that I forgot to be embarrassed.

Cody set Brianna down behind him and pulled me up by the arm. Keeping ahold of my arm, he spun me around so that I was facing the bed and my back was pressed up against him. He was hard again, and his cock pressed hotly against my ass. My whole body was excited, and when his hands came up and starting kneading my little breasts, I ground back against him with a moan.

‘No fair, Cody!’ Brianna complained behind us.

‘I haven’t forgotten you, baby,’ he told her. ‘Take off your clothes and get on the bed. We’ll make sure your new roommate takes care of you.’

Brianna did as she was told. It didn’t even occur to me to try to leave, I was too fucking horny. Cody was squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples, hard, and somehow my hands had found their way back to his hips to help me push my ass against his cock even harder.

Brianna crawled onto the bed in front of me and rolled over onto her back. Her naked body was as perfect as it had seemed with clothes on, with huge, bouncing tits topped by large, pale pink areolas. Her stomach was slim and taut, and her little mound was completely smooth, the slit glistening with her juices.

I’d never been attracted to women before, but after everything that had just happened, the sight made my pulse pound with excitement.

‘You’ve been a bad girl, Madison,’ Cody’s hot breath tickled my ear. ‘Don’t you think it’s time you made up for it?’

He slid one hand down to my stomach and the other one around to my back. Holding me against him, he pushed between my shoulder blades until I bent down right over Brianna’s wet slit. It also forced my ass to rub against him, and he bent his knees a little so his cock slipped between my legs instead of just rubbing against me from behind.

Brianna grabbed my hair and pulled me down until my mouth touched her. For a split second I wondered if I would be grossed out, but as soon as her scent surrounded me I wanted to lick her pussy.

Distracted by her delicious folds, I almost didn’t notice the sudden feeling of Cody’s hot flesh against my bare thigh. The shorts I was wearing were so tiny that when I was bent over like this. they only covered about half my ass and the strip in between. I realized that Cody must have gotten tired of being restricted by his shorts and pulled his dick out. He was stroking it between my legs and when I squeezed my thighs together tightly around it, he groaned in appreciation.

‘That’s right, little spying slut, now let me see you eat my girlfriend.’

His dirty words just excited me further, and I started greedily licking at Brianna’s cunt. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but she was so turned on that it didn’t seem to matter. I just kept exploring her with my tongue, circling her throbbing clit because I knew how good it felt when I rubbed my own, and then running my tongue up and down her slit, thrusting it inside her little opening like she seemed to want.

‘Maddie–’ she moaned. She was grinding herself against my face harder and harder, and I really got into it. Probably in part because of what Cody was doing to me through my shorts.

‘OH!’ she gasped as she jerked her hips up against me suddenly. Her pussy gushed warm juice onto my face, and I realized that she’d come. I wanted to come again, too. I needed to. Brianna opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

‘You should let Cody fuck you, Madison,’ she told me. ‘He’s sooooooooooo good.’

Oh God. I totally wanted to. I’d always imagined that my first time would be some sort of romantic candles and flowers thing with a guy that I loved. But these two had me so worked up that I didn’t want to wait for any of that shit. I just wanted to feel a real cock inside me. Now.

Cody must have sensed it, because his hands slipped around me and unbuttoned my shorts. Brianna reached for the hem of my tank top at the same moment, and with a whoosh they each pulled a piece of clothing off me and left me standing there in just my borrowed thong.

‘What do you say, naughty girl?’ Cody asked me as his hands roamed all over me from behind. ‘Do you want me to fuck you?’

As soon as I nodded, he ripped the thong off me and pushed me down on top of Brianna. She grabbed onto me, and started kissing me hotly as our naked bodies ground together. Cody parted my legs from behind and I arched my ass up toward him as I felt the thick head of his penis press against my virgin hole. I was so wet that he was able to push a little bit inside me easily, but then slowed down when he felt how tight I was.

‘Fuck! You’re so fucking tight!’

‘I-I’ve never done this before,’ I admitted.

Brianna ran her hands up and down my back and ground her pussy against my clit. It was just what I needed, and I spread my legs a little wider so Cody could push in farther. He hit my virgin barrier and grabbed onto my hips.

‘Ready?’ he asked.

‘Yes! Please! Fuck me, Cody!’ I begged.

He surged forward and opened me up. There was a sharp pain and an aching stretch as my tight passage took the whole length of his thick shaft, but Brianna was still rubbing against me and it was only a moment before the pain faded under the excitement of my building orgasm.

Cody pulled back and thrust forward again, sliding in and out of me in a smooth rhythm that relentlessly pushed me toward where I wanted to go. He kept rubbing against some part of me inside that was driving me crazy. I had been masturbating for years, and I’d always made myself come by rubbing hard on my little pink clit. Whatever he was doing inside ramped up the tension a thousand times more than what I was able to do with my own hand.

Brianna was so wet under me that I was practically sliding off of her as she thrashed beneath me. I didn’t notice, though, as I ground against her and thrust my hips back toward Cody. All my attention was focused on the hard cock fucking me for the first time.

Cody started to move faster and faster until suddenly everything just exploded. I screamed, and came so hard that he had to stop moving. My pussy had clamped down on his cock like a vice, and he held my ass tightly as my pulsing sheath tried to milk his cum.

‘You can’t have it,’ he ground out with a throaty laugh.

As soon as my body let him go, he pulled out and then thrust forward again. Brianna’s arching body and sharp cry let me know that he’d buried himself in her hungry pussy beneath me. I rode on top as he pounded into her, his cock brushing against me as he drove in and out of her slick channel. He fucked her much harder than he had me, and within moments they both came in a sweaty, musky rush. Cody collapsed on top of me, sandwiching me between him and Brianna.

I had never felt so naughty. Or so satisfied. After all the months wondering what my new roommate would be like, I’d finally found out.

College, I decided, was definitely going to be fun.