Popped By My Mom’s Boyfriend I’ve noticed the way Stephen looks at me, the way he pauses before addressing me. I’ve seen the way he notices my curves, the way I’ve blossomed into becoming this ravishing, oh so sexy 19 year old… ‘Jenna,’ he says, opening his mouth and then closing it again, his gaze lingering from my eyes to…well, that’s a secret between me and him, the man of the house.

Pretty Little Fangs The worst part of working nights at MegaMart wasn’t actually working. Ben didn’t mind that part at all. It was quiet, for the most part, and security was there to deal with any difficult customers. He got a lot of reading done, and he was friendly with most of his co-workers. No, the worst part was having the night off. Because after being up all night under fluorescent lights, all he wanted to do was sleep.

Punished Brats - The Cheerleader DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. John had a bad problem. He was sweet on one of the cheerleaders for his football team. Her name was Jenni and she happened to be his best friend’s daughter. She was quite a brat, and she liked to tease the men on the football team, and John when no one was around to stop her.

Punished Brats - The Model DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. The new photographer, Slate, had his camera up to his face, snapping pictures of his art model, Jade. Jade was a fresh 18 year old, inexperienced as both a model and an adult. Her model friends told her to be careful around Slate, that he was bad news, but Jade ignored them, wanting to work with the trendy photographer.

Punished Brats - The Pop Star DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. ‘The backstage was a mess, the lighting was fucked, the dancers were all on fentanyl. This performance was a mess, Miller.’ ‘It’s a shame, miss.’ ‘There’s one thing I had to look forward to and Mark just broke up with me and it will be in tabloids all over the world in minutes.

Punished Brats - The Princess DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. Arianna wasn’t ready for her arranged marriage. She was the princess of Lichtenstein, and would do her duty regardless, but she wasn’t ready. She had never even seen the older man she was about to marry, and her family didn’t tell her anything. All she had to talk about it was the guard posted with an assault rifle outside her room during the day, Raithe.

Punished Brats - The Sitter DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. Hawthorne walked with Millie out to the car. Millie had just finished watching his children while him and his wife were at a work function. Hawthorne was tasked with driving home the babysitters, a task he liked because of how much he enjoyed the company and attention of young, beautiful women. Millie liked getting driven home because she liked looking at the older man’s face, and then going home and masturbating to what she imagined it would be like to lose her virginity to him.

Seducing The Retail Worker - MILF Love #15 “Just another day at the dull maternity store in the mall of this dusty, grayish old town where Christopher grew up. His disheveled blond hair and his penetrating blue eyes did not really correspond to the boring job his father arranged for him. He’s been working at his father’s maternity store for a couple of months now, not quite used to it though.

Serving The MILF - MILF Love #18 I have loved sports for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a professional something… First, I wanted to be a professional soccer player and then a professional basketball player. Then, I discovered tennis and I fell in love. I’ve always been very skinny, and then I started working out, getting in the right shape for sports.

Spreading For My Mom’s Boyfriend I’ve come to the conclusion that men are helplessly suggestive especially when it comes to sex. My mom’s boyfriend Hank is a prime example. He was so controlled by my mother in the beginning; I cannot understand what my mother ever saw in him. He was like a teenage boy who couldn’t get enough of her, following her around like a puppy. This is actually his first time living with a woman, maybe that’s why.