Knocked Up By My Boyfriend’s Dad Dani Pierce had been hosting his son and his son’s new young girlfriend, Dani, for a few nights. Pierce couldn’t keep his eyes off the sexy young woman. She was sexy in that awkward, shy sense. Pierce was not a good man, or a kind man, but women found themselves drawn to his dark, broody demeanor. When he looked at Dani through the slightly open door of his guest bedroom, he couldn’t help himself but say hello.

KNOCKED UP BY MY BOYFRIEND’S DAD: JUNE DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. I sit in silence as I watch the trees blur past us. We’ve just entered Gallatin County and in a few hours, I’m finally going to meet Nate’s father. Nate and I have been going out for a little over six months now. We met at a college mixer. He’s a couple of years older than I am and is currently doing his summer internship at a law firm in Seattle.

Knocked Up By My Boyfriend’s Dad Mira John had been watching his son’s girlfriend, Mira, very closely during their skiing trip. He was acutely aware of the curves of her body, even when they were hidden away by a thick snowsuit. When his son David had a serious fall on one of the black diamond runs, John was left alone with Mira in their cabin. Mira stripped down out of her snowsuit, showing the older man her body in booty shorts and a tank top.

KNOCKED UP BY MY BOYFRIEND’S DAD: NINA DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. ‘What’s the occasion?’ Lucy asks as she watches me twirl in front of the mirror. I don’t usually dress this way: a red, low-cut dress with a hem that’s several inches above the knees. My ass cheeks are here for the world to see if I bend over far enough. ‘You’re dressed to kill.

Knocked Up By My Boyfriend’s Dad: Shawna DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER. His name is Damien. Shawna’s boyfriend’s father somehow manages to be twice as attractive to her than her boyfriend. Shawna felt Damien’s foot nuzzling against hers at dinner. It started as an accident, she assumed, until neither one of them pulled their foot away. After dinner, Chase’s phone rang as Shawna and the older man were putting away the leftovers and loading the dishwasher.

Make It A Triple - MILF Threesome #1 I’m 21, and I love discos, trust me. The ability to dance all night, to connect with people through music (it’s also the only occasion where I actually drink those sweet expensive drinks). But what I really like is to go to this local bar near my college every Friday night. Me and the crew already know we’re up for long conversations, some good beer, and some shots.

Mile High MILF - MILF Love #16 I always give my life to my job. It’s not just that I love being a flight attendant, but the people I meet and the places I see. It’s all so incredible that I get overwhelmed. I started young, so I developed a huge love for traveling and let’s be honest, being this young and expressive, I am considered to be the typical hot girl men drool over when on a flight.

MILF Needs The Handyman’s Big TOOL - MILF Love #14 I have always lived for my work. Every single day, I try to give my all to what I do, and I project my own ambitions as a woman to my work. What I’ve noticed so far is that I do better in life if I completely reject all sorts of emotions. To be fair, the mind and the heart always get in the way of you giving 100% in everything you do.

MILF Therapy - MILF Love #19 When Love is Blind, that was the name of the book that I started to read this morning. I read every single time I get the chance. I am many things. I am a beautiful brunette. I do own a mirror, and I’m so petite that I appear1 0 years younger than my 37 years of age. At the moment, I read while I wait for my next patient—a young and very masculine 19 year old man.

Office Menage - MILF Threesome #4 Life never takes you where you expect it to. I’m a 46 year old woman who settled for a job as a secretary and I don’t mind it. I actually like it. It helps me focus on something more than housework in my boring marriage. I’ve reached a point where I try to live the small experiences to the fullest. I pay attention to my workouts, and at this age, I have a pretty nice body.